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Family Units
People always don’t travel in groups – some travel alone for various reasons. For an individual traveller, hiring a double room is an unwanted expenditure. Understanding the practical situations perfectly, we offer budget single rooms at very affordable rates. These rooms also have all the basic facilities in addition to the safety and comfort. Read More
Budget Single Rooms At Seymour Motor Inn
These rooms are specially designed to meet the requirements of families. They are very comfortable enabling you to start a whole new “next day” with good mind set. Calm and quiet surrounding with the gentle touch of nature can be a great relief for you and your family members’ tiredness. These family rooms are perfectly air-conditioned assuring a comfortable stay. Read More
Budget Twin Rooms
To make things more affordable for the guests, we offer budget rooms. Although these rooms are categorized as budget rooms, they consists the comfort, safety and other basic features. This is a great option for excursionists who hit the road with strict budget plans. Read More

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