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Local Attractions

Seymour Motel is located in a prime location alongside the Hume Highway, Mitchel Shire – Country Victoria. Seymour is a beautiful town located on the banks of the wonderful Goulburn River. You can reach this charming town within an hours’ drive from Melbourne city along the Hume Highway.

There are various attractions in this beautiful serene area for a visitor to enjoy.  Seymour is famous for a traditional agricultural show called “the Seymour Show”. This particular event is held on the first Saturday in October and has been for the last 150 years. Just because of this agricultural event, thousands of competitors are drawn to this area and return annually.

In addition to that, Seymour hosts exciting local tourism related events like “Taste of the Goulburn ”and “Victorian Wines Show”. Alternative Farming Expo is another captivating event held in Seymour. Every February, thousands of people across all the states of Australia visit Seymour to witness this event.

More than anything, Seymour features very rich aspects of heritage for visitors to observe and gather a great amount of knowledge.  This beautiful town has a very old Court house built way back in 1864. During WWI the same establishment was used as a telegraph office as per the records. Presently, it is being utilized as an information center for visitors by local volunteers.

Although Seymour is a relatively small town, it has a very long history in terms of military and transport. You guests can visit these wonderful monuments either by walking or driving down the streets.

Adding more value to the heritage of Seymour, it hosts a centre that has a collection of Railway Locomotives and Carriages. There are occasions for visitors to take part in train excursions organised by this particular centre.

Some of the other local attractions of Michele Shire are as follows.

Sports and leisure

Seymour Motel Is Located Conveniently To Serve People Travelling To Kilmore Leisure Centre.
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Great Outdoors

Outdoor enthusiasts who visit this part of the country can enjoy lots many more...
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Seymour Farming exhibition

One of the major attractions in Seymour is its farming exhibition held annually. There are loads to explore, learn and enjoy for kids and adults alike. This particular event is held every February providing visitors the opportunity to enjoy different foods, see extraordinary livestock breeds and beautiful craft work.
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Fishing in Victoria is a fun filled activity considering the facilities available and the nature of the surroundings. Specifically, Goulburn River hosts a huge density of trout which is a true excitement for fishing enthusiasts. Thornton, ‘Gilmore’s bridge and Breakaway are extremely popular destinations when it comes to fishing ...
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River Activities

In addition to fishing, Goulburn River is famous for many other interesting activities for those who love the adventurous outdoor activities. Some such activities are:
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Despite the duration of the holiday, getting into a snowfield is an exceptionally thrilling event for families as well as for individuals. Victoria is famous among the snow-lovers because of the beautiful landscapes and the surroundings gifted by Mother Nature.
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History and Heritage

All the towns in the Mitchell shire including Seymour have very rich history to boast. Even during the times of Gold Rush, this region was considered to be a major stop for ones that come to gold fields from ports and towns of Melbourne area. All the towns in this ...
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Galleries & Exhibitions

The entire Mitchel Shire has a considerably higher passion for arts and culture. Here are some of the places where art galleries and exhibitions are held. You can visit these places either just to see them or buy some arts and crafts.
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Activity Trails

Naturally, Mitchell Shire itself is a peaceful area with ultimate tranquility. Seymour Trail is laid beside the beautiful Goulburn River. Considering the location and the type of the trail, it is a perfect place either to take a walk or have a jog with some friends. While walking along this ...
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