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Delightful quality accommodation in a tranquil environment at an affordable price

Being industry experts in the field of hospitality for many years, we know the value of relaxed accommodation. It helps to start a new day with better energy and peace of mind. This is a vital fact, especially when it comes to travelling. At Seymour Motel, we take every step possible to let our guests experience warm, country hospitality.

Our mission & vission

Despite the fact that our services are extremely affordable, we never sacrifice quality for the sake of saving money. With that vision in mind, we've received a lot of positive feedback from our guests over the last few years. By sticking to our vision, we have significantly increased our customer base. We have a large number of repeat guests who appreciate the service we provide and the quiet environment away from the hustle and bustle of town. The majority of these visitors consider us to be one of the best country Victoria lodging providers, which fuels our desire to improve.

“Better accommodation for better price”

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Why us?


Seymour is roughly an hour's drive from Melbourne, and is located along the Hume Highway. The beauty and convenience of the surrounding area are also enjoyed by the motel's position, in addition to the convenience of transportation.



One of the finest features of Seymour Motel is its enchanting landscape. A beautiful view can be seen from your bedroom window by simply letting the curtains open. Enjoying a leisurely breakfast outside while sipping on your favorite beverage is such an ideal moment while staying at our motel. You can only really comprehend the sensation of being enveloped in this indescribably gorgeous area if you experience it for yourself.



Seymour Motel pool is temporarily closed for repairs until further notice. We apologize for the inconvenience caused