Please review these Terms and Conditions of the Seymour Motel carefully before using this site/ staying with us. If you do not agree with these Terms and Conditions please stop accessing and using the site immediately. We may amend or revise our Terms and Conditions at any time.

Booking Policy

Seymour motel requires valid photo identification and valid credit card when you make online booking or direct,  you must present it upon arrival and if you are unable to provide your identification and credit card your reservation will be cancelled and you will be liable to pay the full amount of the reservation.

Additional charges may apply for extra guests if it’s over the occupancy limit in the reservation.

Please contact the reception if the guests have any visitors.

Payment Policy

You may have been charged up to the full amount at the time of booking and you authorise the management to charge from your credit card on any date from booking to check out date at its discretion.

Additional charges may be applied from your credit card for any loss, damage or monetary contribution for which any guests is liable under this document or otherwise

Payment for your online booking will appear as ‘Accommodation Payment Services’ on your bank statement.

A non-refundable 2.2% Service & Handling Fee is applicable to all card payments processed online.

Cancellation Policy

The room rate will not be charged if you cancel the reservation 2 days in advance from the check-in date.

You will be charged up to the full amount at the time of booking if you cancel within 2 days before check-in date.

There is no refund for early departure.

Late cancellations and no show fees are non-refundable.


*** Notes:
You may be charged for the whole day if you check out later or check in earlier more than 6 hours
You may be charged for a half day if you check out later or check in earlier more than 3 hours

Check in time: 2PM
Check out time: 10AM


No Smoking Policy

All our accommodation units are strictly NO SMOKING areas.

We do not tolerate any kind of smoking in the rooms or the area classified as No Smoking.

A cleaning fee of $100 will be charged straight into your account for smoking in non-smoking areas or inside the rooms. Front door must be closed whilst smoking outside. There is a designated smoking area between Unit 6 and Unit 7 for smokers. Please smoke within this boundary if you are a smoker.

No Noise/ Party

Seymour Motel does not allow any noise or party activities inside or outside of the motel at any time. Please be considerate of other guests as some of our guests work at night and sleep during day time.

Lost key

You must return the room key at the time of departure or if you lose or fail to return the key will incur a replacement charge per key into your account directly minimum of $150.

Pet Policy

Pets are not allowed as we do not have a pet friendly room and there will be a minimum of an extra $100 cleaning charge incurred if there’s any traces of pets inside the room.

Theft and Damage to Property

The guest will be held responsible for any loss or damage to the motel property or its content due to the actions of yourself or your guests.

Room must be left in a reasonable manner; should there be any damage or above normal cleaning required, there may be additional cleaning or repair/replacements during your stay or after leaving the room charges are debited in your account.

You are personally liable for the payment of this account. If the person, company or association nominated by you as being responsible for payment of this account fails to make payment within required time, you will be liable for this account.

Eviction Policy

Seymour Motel has the right to request any guest to vacate their room immediately without a refund for causing any nuisance/ annoyance and not complying with these terms and conditions.

Seymour Motel may inspect the guest room at any time with sensible notice or at any time without notice if the Management considers it necessary.

Guest Belongings

Guests are requested to lock their door when going out or inside the bed. Seymour motel is not responsible for loss of or damage to guests’ personal belongings, vehicles or any other items relating to you. You use Seymour Motel facilities at your own risk.

Emergency Procedures

In case of an emergency evacuation if practicable meet in the centre of the car park for correct exit safety procedure for emergency dial 000


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