Fishing in Victoria is a fun filled activity considering the facilities available and the nature of the surroundings. Specifically, Goulburn River hosts a huge density of trout which is a true excitement for fishing enthusiasts. Thornton, ‘Gilmore’s bridge and Breakaway are extremely popular destinations when it comes to fishing in Victoria region. Generally, people who are fishing in Melbourne give their preference to trout and this particular area provides ideal conditions for it.
When fishing in Australia, it is important to be familiar with the river levels before going into or near the water or river banks. You will find the information from the local authorities or local residents about the safest places to do your fishing. Unlike many other places, fishing in Victoria seems to be quite safe as per the experts.
From Seymour to the Shepparton region, the river shows more diversified characteristics in terms of fish. The number of species is high within this region and visitors can expect more excitement because of this. The part of the river that runs from Seymour to Nagambie is known to be native fish water by the experienced fishing enthusiasts despite the large number of trout they find. There is a lot to do if you have a boat. Closer to town you may be able to catch a Cod, Yellow Belly or a Redfin.
However, it is important to remember that, you cannot just fish on Victorian water without a license. These licenses are available online or you can get them from tackle and bait shop retailers in the area. Do not try to fish without this license as you may face to a fine up to $120,000 perhaps with a 10 years’ imprisonment.
Always consult local people and authorities if you are unsure about any activities.

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