Seymour Motel – Seymour Accommodation – Mission & Vision Temp


“Our mission is to offer delightful quality accommodation in a tranquil environment at an affordable price.”

Being industry experts in the field of hospitality for many years, we know the value of relaxed accommodation. It helps to start a new day with better energy and peace of mind. This is a vital fact especially when it comes to travelling. At Seymour Motel, we take every step possible to let our guests experience warm, country hospitality.


“Better accommodation for better price”
Although our services are exceptionally affordable, we never compromise quality over cost. Having that vision in mind, over the past few years, we were able to get many good reviews from our Guests. By adhering to our vision, we have maximised our customer base significantly. Annually, we get a considerable amount of return guests admiring the service we offer and appreciate the quiet environment away from the hustle and bustle of town. Most of these guests refer to us as one of the best country Victoria accommodation providers which increases our enthusiasm towards betterment.

Seymour Motel pool is temporarily closed for repairs until further notice. We apologize for the inconvenience caused