144 Goulburn Valley Hwy, Seymour, VIC 3660  +61 3 5792 1500

Seymour Farming Exhibition

One of the major attractions in Seymour is its farming exhibition held annually. There are loads to explore, learn and enjoy for kids and adults alike. This particular event is held every February providing visitors the opportunity to enjoy different foods, see extraordinary livestock breeds and beautiful craft work.
When it comes to the animal breeds, you will be able to see a wonderful collection of unconventional breeds like beautiful alpacas, nice cattle, sheep and miniature horses.
These special breeds are highly admired by adults and children alike. In addition to “seeing them”, you can simply experience them. If you need you may try some camel milk or learn valuable tips about raising your own animals too. In addition to that, some exciting events like birds of prey shows, camel milking and working dogs competitions are available for visitors.
Timberland is the most favourite event of many visitors. Participants from around the world gather here to exhibit their carving skills with a chainsaw. Wonderful sculptures are created during this session astonishing the visitors. Moreover, visitors may have the chance of buying some of the wooden sculptures created during the competition.
Kids’ events
As a value addition, in 2016, a “Kidszone”was introduced targeting the youngsters who are enthusiastic about farm-related activities. Although this is dedicated for kids, there is no restriction for adults to come and enjoy this section. It includes interesting exhibits like animal nurseries, animal rides, snake man shows, and so many other experiences.
Tuck Shops
The farmers market is full of delicious food items to suit everybody. There are lots of food courts and country kitchen facilities available. These outlets have mouth-watering treats, farm fresh produce, different juices including herbs and many more to enjoy.
Unusual food to try are camel sausages, Kangaroo fillets and many more are available in this wonderful place every year. Therefore, this is known as one of the best places to grab some valuable knowledge related to food in the region.
Leisure relatedoutlets
There are wonderful sales outlets offering items related to leisure, camping, cooking, home appliances, gardening, horses etc. You name it, they have it! So, this is a good opportunity for you to buy something worthwhile at an affordable rate.
Crafty Corner
This is yet another new feature added during the 2016 festival. These outlets have various handmade products including jewellery and items for kids. Moreover, interesting demonstrations are displayed while offering you the freedom to order a customized product directly from the manufacturer.